2 comments on “Value Parenting

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful blog… as a parent of 4 boys and a girl I have experienced 4 who have graduated so far. The journey does not end but keeps turning down different roads as they get married, have children of their own. We try everything in our power to instill values, responsibility, love, respect, honesty, family (being there for each other in times of need), knowing that none of us are perfect but need each other through this wonderful journey we call life. I have seen how each has specific needs and wants and I try so very hard to do what is best for each one. Never sure you have done enough. I can remember when one of them took a wrong turn in his life, I was devistated, asking myself what did I do wrong?…Never stop being there and loving him helped bring him back to the wonderful man he is today. Love each as individuals and listen to their needs. Thank you for this as it brought tears to my eyes.

    • Darlene,
      Thank you for sharing the richness of your lived experience as a mother, in your heartfelt response. Indeed, the journey does not end as we try to be this stable and unconditionally loving presence in our children’s lifes. Not that this an easy task, as it requires continues introspection and growth on our part to be able to see beyond our own wants and needs in the moment. Your comment gives support and courage to those of us who are on this incredible journey for the first time. Thanks again.

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