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The intention is for this blog to be a forum in which we can have conversations about the role that the body, its functioning and the way we communicate determine the outcomes in our life. I believe that we all are tasked with uncovering the true purpose of our life and find the tools that allow us to express the gifts that we have to offer. The body is our primary tool of expression of who we are and what we stand for as well as our vehicle for action in the world. As the world is rapidly changing and old pre-set notions of what work or home life should look like and the predictability of educational and professional paths are disappearing, it is of increasing importance that we are able to identify, strengthen and utilize our internal compass. Being able to listen to what our body communicates both to our self and our social environment and vice-versa is a crucial element in our ability to navigate towards the goals that our soul desires.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Raymond Ferrier and I run a coaching and consulting company called Raymond Ferrier Coaching and Consulting Associates (RFCCA). We provide coaching and consulting services to individuals and businesses in the areas of health & wellness, life-, executive-, and health- coaching, mediation and conflict-management and interpersonal communication. A foundational aspect of the work that we do is a coaching approach that we have called Expressive Somatics. We will explore this further in the blog posts and I hope it will be intriguing enough for you to check back often.

I have been blessed to be able to blend my personal, academic and professional interests in the work that I do with my clients. From a relatively young age I have been consumed with questions that broadly speaking had to do with the relationship between the individual and his or her physical and social environment and its effect on our functioning. Having to deal with an early childhood move to a different country, brought the implications of culture and community in close -if not always pleasant- perspective. The questions that arose from this experience were the driving force behind my decision to earn my Masters degree in Sociology years later.

Being a very physical person, who loved to play sports, I also developed an intense interest in the inner workings of the body and the ways we can improve its function and performance. This eventually culminated in a career and doctorate in physical therapy.

Inevitably, those paths led to my third preoccupation; the workings of the mind and brain. The fairly new discipline of social neuroscience, to me, is at the crossroads of these interests that have had such tremendous influence on my life and career. Social neuroscience and its sidekick interpersonal neurobiology are the foundation on which much of my coaching work and my personal inquiries around the nature and meaning of  life is built.

It is my intention to share with you thoughts, questions and insights that arise in the course of my work, life and studies. It is my believe that this quest only has real meaning within the context of community. I request that you be part of my community.

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