4 comments on “The Roles we “Inhabit”

  1. Very interesting. The interaction of individuals can have misread interpretations based on experiences. I think one should express oneself from the heart with no expectations of results. If the intention of individuals is sincere and heart-centered, one would hope it is received in the same way.
    Raymond, this provokes thought.. like that.. especially a new forum from you.

    Do like the white on black format..very nice.

    • Phyllis,
      I agree that the stories that we make up about other people often are more about ourselves and our past experiences then about the other. I also believe that when we are true to ourselves and -as you say- express ourselves from the heart, this truth will make its way to the heart of others. You certainly teach that lesson everyday, thank you for your kind heart!

  2. Thank you for this very interesting subject. I feel the roles we “inherit” or “play” must always be approved by oneself to be appropriate, let me explain. If you were in a setting with other co-workers, like say a corporate meeting. You know there is certain etiquette and manners we must follow. Rules of etiquette encompass most aspects of social interaction in any society. A rule of etiquette may reflect an underlying ethical code, or it may reflect a person’s fashion or status. Every culture has what they call their own set of standards. Every unique individual develops there own characteristic manner. I feel that giving true respect to people is very important not only in our working relationships but in our personal relationships. Which defines who we are. But even in that situation we are all individuals expressing ourselves differently. We all look and sound differtly together, expressing in our different and

    individual aways, that is what is so beautiful about the diverse world we live in. But we first and foremost must be true to ourselves. I feel when you can express yourself tru

    • Darlene,
      I really appreciate your celebration of individual uniqueness and diversity. Certainly the first step in healing our world and peacefully living together is to see the beauty of that which is different, instead of being thoughtlessly repelled, disgusted or feeling fearful of it. Indeed, being first and foremost true to ourself is a prerequesite to being able to respect the other in his or her truth of being. Thank you for your wise words and your practice of being open to the new and unkown.

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